Alife at PCRS 2023

Pacific Coast Reproductive Society
March 22-26th, 2023
Indian Wells, CA

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Alife team members attending PCRS


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An Artificial Intelligence Model to Predict Upcoming Embryology Workload for Patients Undergoing Ovarian Stimulation

Friday, March 24 5:30 PM–6:30 PM (PST)

Poster session

Michael Fanton, PhD

Causal Inference Indicates That Poor Responders Going Through a Repeat Cycle Have Comparable or Better Outcomes With Antagonist Protocol Compared to Flare

Thursday, March 23 10:15 AM-10:25 AM (PST)

Oral presentation

Fernanda Murillo, M.S.

Introducing Alife Assist™

One platform that assists clinicians, embryologists, and clinic managers with data-driven insights to optimize each step of the IVF process.

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RE using Stim Assist
Embryo under microscope
Lab director using Insights

The science behind Alife

Journal Publication | Fertility and Sterility

Characterization of an artificial intelligence model for ranking static images of blastocyst stage embryos

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Journal Publication | Fertility and Sterility

An interpretable machine learning model for predicting the optimal day of trigger during ovarian stimulation

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Journal Publication | Fertility and Sterility

A higher number of oocytes retrieved is associated with an increase in 2PNs, blastocysts, and cumulative live birth rates

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