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Embryo Assist™ streamlines the embryo grading workflow to improve your lab's quality control and data transparency. Now you can digitally capture, rank, organize, and report embryo grading data all in one place.

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EMR-connected, in real time

Real-time EMR system connection and the capability to be integrated with any new EMR.

Digitally enhance your embryo grading workflow

Microscope-integrated software is compatible with current hardware in your lab. As you capture images of each embryo, they are automatically transferred to the EMR, eliminating the transcribing of grades and embryo information between systems.

Centralized embryo data

Input, manage, and view an organized summary of each patient’s embryo data. Easily review each embryo alongside its PGT results and decide its fate.

Automatic embryo ranking

Embryo ranking algorithm utilizes a complex model to rank the available embryos for transfer and help determine which embryos have the highest likelihood of success. Toggle between manual or automated to turn the feature on or off and compare rankings.

Activity and audit trail

Reduce your risk with an activity and audit trail for quality control of every embryo. Cloud-based software allows you to access the application from anywhere and view lab updates in real-time.

Customizable reports

Automatically generate a report for internal use or create transfer reports for patients, enhancing your doctor-patient communications.

Our supporting research

Scientific Abstract | Fertility and Sterility

Clinical evaluation of a machine learning model for embryo selection: A double-blinded randomized comparative reader study

Journal Publication | Fertility and Sterility

Characterization of an artificial intelligence model for ranking static images of blastocyst stage embryos

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Frequently asked questions

Does this grade my embryos for me?

Embryo Assist's ranking feature leverages machine learning to help you determine which embryos have the highest likelihood of success. The algorithm utilizes a complex model to rank the available embryos and was trained on historical data from 12,600 transfer outcomes that occurred between 2014-2021, gathered from five top clinics in the U.S. You can toggle between manual and automated ranking to turn the ranking feature on or off, or to compare your manual rankings to the algorithm’s.

What's better about this than my ranking system?

Do I need to buy new hardware?

Is this a web-based platform?

Do I have to upload images to the software?

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