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Stim Assist™ AI-powered software helps you optimize the number of MIIs retrieved from an ovarian stimulation cycle with data-driven insights.

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EMR-connected, in real time

Real-time EMR system connection and the capability to be integrated with any new EMR.

Choose the perfect starting dose

The starting dose tool uses a machine learning algorithm to generate MII predictions for a range of FSH starting doses, enabling you to optimize MII yield and reduce medication costs.

How it works

Utilizing a patient's age, BMI, AMH and AFC, the tool identifies 100 patient cycles with similar baseline fertility characteristics from our database of 40,000 cycles.

It uses the doses that those patients received and the corresponding outcomes of MIIs retrieved from their cycles to generate predictions for the patient-of-interest.

MII predictions for starting FSH doses

The dose response curve forecasts how many MIIs will be retrieved for a range of FSH starting doses, enabling clinicians to optimize MII egg yield.

Medication cost estimates

Use medication cost projections to do a high level cost benefit analysis, saving patients money on medication while achieving optimal results.

Stats from 100 similar patients

Statistics about the 100 similar patients used to generate the dose curve are transparently displayed.

Select the ideal trigger day

The monitor tool generates daily forecasts to help you determine next monitoring appointments, estimate stimulation cycle durations, and ultimately determine the optimal trigger day.

How it works

Utilizing a patient's E2 levels and daily follicle size, the tool finds patient cycles with similar baseline fertility characteristics and the associated outcomes.

The tool's machine learning algorithm then generates predictions for E2 and lead follicle growth, cycle duration, and MII yield.

E2 and lead follicle forecasts

A chart of E2 and lead follicle predictions for the next three days allow you to anticipate patient response and plan your antagonist.

Cycle duration forecast

From the first monitoring appointment, you can view cycle duration forecasts to plan monitoring appointments and communicate expected trigger day with patients, helping them to plan medication purchasing and avoid unnecessary trips to the clinic.

Trigger decision dashboard

The trigger decision dashboard allows you to review expected MII yield for the next two days of a patient’s cycle to determine the optimal day to administer the trigger shot.

Our supporting research

Journal Publication | Fertility and Sterility

An interpretable machine learning model for predicting the optimal day of trigger during ovarian stimulation

Scientific Abstract | American Society for Reproductive Medicine

Selection of optimal gonadotropin dose using machine learning may be associated with improved outcomes and reduced utilization of FSH

Journal Publication | Fertility and Sterility

A higher number of oocytes retrieved is associated with an increase in 2PNs, blastocysts, and cumulative live birth rates

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Frequently asked questions

What does the “total starting dose of FSH” mean?

Total starting dose is defined as the cumulative amount of active FSH from both recombinant FSH and Menopur. For example if a patient was administered 300 IUs of Gonal F and 75 IUs of Menopur, the algorithm considers that a starting dose of 375 IUs.

Do you connect with any EMR?

What data is your database made up of?

Why do your models predict MIIs instead of blastocysts?

We unlock data, you make decisions. Together we improve IVF.

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