Raising Alife’s Series A and Bringing AI to Fertility Care

By Paxton Maeder-York, CEO and Founder

Today marked a huge milestone for Alife - we announced our $22 million series A, co-led by existing investor Deena Shakir at Lux Capital, and new investors Rebecca Kaden at Union Square Ventures and Anarghya Vardhana at Maveron! We’re thrilled to have these three incredible investors supporting our mission.

This new capital will enable our team to bring Alife products to clinics and patients around the world, allowing us to begin fulfilling our goal of personalizing and democratizing fertility care for everyone.

Why artificial intelligence?

Today, the 180 million people around the world who struggle with infertility face treatment options that are both expensive and inaccessible. The average IVF cycle can cost up to $25,000 in the U.S., and patients typically go through 3 to 5 cycles to have a baby. Successful pregnancies from IVF rely on a complex set of clinical decisions to deliver the optimal care for each patient. However, there is no unified technology platform helping clinicians optimize those decisions and improve the patient experience.

Alife plans to change that by building a modern operating system for IVF, powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

We believe AI has tremendous potential to impact the effectiveness and equity of fertility care. Our team has worked tirelessly to construct one of the largest and most diverse IVF datasets from top fertility clinics around the world. AI uses pattern recognition to analyze this data and determine correlations between treatments and positive outcomes. It can then report what treatment plans have produced the best outcomes for past IVF patients with similar presentations. Clinicians can use these insights, combined with their own expertise, to craft a personalized IVF treatment plan for you.

Alife products are on their way

Alife’s patient mobile app is set to launch in Summer 2022. Upon conducting extensive interviews with past IVF patients, we identified the need for tools to help patients streamline and organize their IVF journey. With Alife’s mobile app, patients will have a comprehensive platform that includes educational resources and easy-to-use organizational tools for medication reminders, appointments, lab results, and more. Be sure to sign up for our waitlist to receive early access!

Our first medical product, Stim Assist, is also set to launch later this year. This technology is used during the ovarian stimulation process when a patient receives injections of hormones to induce the ovaries to generate mature eggs. This stimulation allows clinicians to retrieve the eggs from the patient so they can be fertilized and implanted back into the body for pregnancy.

Stim Assist is an AI tool built to provide clinicians with adjunctive information to support their effort to increase the number of mature eggs retrieved and reduce patient medication costs during egg freezing or IVF.

Alife’s second medical product, Embryo Predict, is an AI tool that analyzes patient embryos and helps embryologists prioritize them for transfer. The technology is currently investigational, so patients can sign up for our email newsletter to receive updates on availability!

Clinics interested in learning more about introducing AI tools to their practice or joining a clinical study can contact us today for more information.

An all-star team

Our team is made up of scientists, engineers, and designers, as well as industry leading physicians and clinics, all committed to our mission. Today we are proud to deepen our partnership with Deena Shakir, and add Rebecca Kaden, and Anarghya Vardhana, all of whom have supported countless pioneers in the healthcare industry advancing human health and health equity. Not only do they bring extensive experience identifying and shaping incredible companies like ours, but each of them has faced their own fertility and birth complications that give them a deep commitment to the patients we are here to serve.

With this funding, we are determined to tackle the challenges patients face today, and build a world where AI-powered fertility care is accessible for all families.

To the future of fertility, Paxton

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