Scientific Abstract | Fertility and Sterility

Causal inference indicates that poor responders going through a repeat cycle have comparable or better outcomes with antagonist protocol compared to flare

March 22nd, 2023


Background: The Flare protocol is often used for poor responders, as it is thought that stimulating endogenous production of FSH with a low dose of Lupron can increase the responsiveness of the ovaries. However, studies have reported conflicting results, and it remains unclear whether Flare provides better outcomes for poor responders compared to Antagonist.

Objective: To investigate whether Flare protocol or Antagonist protocol is better for poor responders going through a repeat ovarian stimulation after a poor response on their first cycle.

Conclusions: Results from PSM indicate that the Antagonist protocol is at least as good as the Flare protocol for patients undergoing a repeat cycle after having a poor response on their first cycle. Since the Antagonist protocol is simpler and involves fewer injections, it may be the preferable choice of protocol for these patients.